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About SCN2A

We are dedicated to helping to develop treatments for SCN2A and genetic epilepsies and helping those working on and affected by genetic epilepsies better understand the conditions and live better lives.


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How we can help

 So initially, Eva's condition was very isolating, and it's very hard to do something as simple as going food shopping when your child's having seizures every 20 minutes. I actually run a property management business, and I continued to run it the entire way through, which was really, really hard.

- Ursula (Parent of Eva)

 And it's become clear to us that from visiting the Florey team and the researchers there, that it just comes down to money and the amount of grants they can put towards particular theories and research. So I mean, yeah, the hope is that one day they've spent enough time and had enough money to make a major breakthrough and work out how to solve some of these problems and give someone some quality of life that they would otherwise never have had. 

- Justin & Romina (Parents of Aaliyah)

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